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The Pathways to Student Success in graduate Engineering (PASSE) focuses on supporting students who are currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in an engineering discipline* and have the desire to participate in the UTEP Fast-Track program to obtain a Master's degree in engineering. The award is $5000 per semester, and is available for up to six semesters, as long as eligibility is maintained. 

Eligibility requirements:
·         GPA of 3.0 or above;
·         at least 90 earned semester credit hours (or must be in the 2nd semester of Junior year, taking 3xxx-level courses);
·         be Pell-grant eligible;
·         be currently enrolled full-time, in an engineering major;
·         be a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, national, or refugee; and
·         complete the scholarship application packet (questions) below.

NOTE:  Please be aware that you will need:
           (1) a 1-page resume, which you will be asked to upload;
           (2) to know your overall GPA, as well as your in-major GPA;
           (3) your UTEP student ID number; and
           (3) time to complete this application, as there are several open-ended questions that require a written response (250
                characters MAX).

This application closes on February 25, 2022 at midnight, so please collect the information you need prior to starting the application. That way, you will have time to complete the application, with the uploaded file, prior to that date. Thank you very much for applying to the PATHWAYS Fast Track Student Scholarship, it will be given careful consideration. Start the application by clicking on the button, labeled "NEXT," below.

* -- currently sponsored engineering disciplines are Civil, Electrical, Industrial & Systems, and Materials & Metallurgy.
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